Жозе Моуринью после игры с Халлом





Interviewer: Overall impression of tonight’s performance?

Jose Mourinho: We didn’t score. You don’t score, it’s not possible to win.

Interviewer: Their keeper was in marvellous form when you did get through?

JM: Yeah their goalkeeper was good.

Interviewer: What do you think was missing from display tonight to create more chances?

JM: We needed to score, we needed more time to play. I think if we played 35-40 minutes in both halves, total of both halves, I think is a lot. I think Hull City they tried to see where they could go, the way they could behave, they try to see what the referee would allow them to do. They had their feedback, they were comfortable then to do what they did and I’m not a critic of that because they are in the position they are. They are fighting for relegation, every point for them is gold and I’m not critic with them.

Interviewer: What do you feel the referee should have pulled them up on?

JM: Well if you don’t know football, you shouldn’t be with a microphone in your hand. (storms off)

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